Maroon 5’s James Valentine On Record Release Traditions: “It’s Judgement Day”

Maroon 5 released their fourth album, Overexposed last week and guitarist James Valentine told CBS Local the excitement of album release day never wears off.

“There’s so much anticipation to see what people think ’cause we put our hearts and souls into these records and it’s judgement day,” he said. “The record now leaks usually about a week or two weeks before and you can’t control it. You start to get the reports on what the fans are thinking of the new songs.”

And with each release Valentine makes sure to keep his tradition.

“I have a ritual. On every release day I go and buy a physical copy of the record no matter what,” he said. “This time we were lucky enough that Starbucks was carrying the record so it was a lot easier to get it. I just walked into a Starbucks here in New York City [and] picked up the record.”

While Valentine admitted that he doesn’t flaunt that he’s in Maroon 5, the band’s growing popularity often gets him noticed. Also, having a photo on the CD’s cover doesn’t help to conceal his identity.

“The woman behind the counter looked at the photo that was on the front and said, ‘Wait. That’s you!’ And then I took some pictures,” he said. “I sort of caused a scene. I don’t usually like to walk into places and go, ‘Hey, I’m in Maroon 5.’ But on album release day you do that.”

Valentine may find it harder these days to go unrecognized as Maroon 5’s album Overexposed is set to debut atop the Billboard 200 chart. Billboard predicts the band is poised for a No. 2 slot selling between 210,000 to 220,000 units it its first week

– Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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