Where’s The Emergency, Honey?

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Don’t you hate when your wife sends you a text while you’re at work saying… “Call Me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but It’s NOT an emergency?!

So, right in the middle of the morning show this morning my wife sends me this text…

“Can you call me about a non-emergency situation John and I have gotten into”

I know she said it wasn’t an emergency, but she also said it is a situation that she and my son have “gotten into”. Not only does my natural curiousity need to be satisfied but I’m also a little worried about what they have “gotten into”. See a running theme here?

Unforunately I was working and in the middle of the show at the time, so my hands were tied… until my partner Kim came up with a solution.

At first, I wasn’t sure it was a good solution. But she convinced me to just call my wife live on the air and find out what the problem was…

Listen HERE!


It should be a great weekend…

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