The “Anti-Cheating” Ring: Would You Make Your Spose Wear It?

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A product that keeps your husband from straying? A leash? A taser? Chains in the basement?

Well, hopefully just marriage vows will be enough, but there is a guy in Ireland who has a better idea… and it’s so simple!

Colin Hart has come up with the anti-cheating ring. On the inside it says “I’m Married.” That way if the man takes off the ring to talk to a pretty girl at a bar, his finger has a big red raised up “I’m Married” around it… like a brand! But it’s all tongue in cheek.

Today, we had Colin himself on the phone to give us a little insight into his fancy invention.

Listen HERE!


Colin says it’s just “a bit of fun. It’s not actually, really going to prevent people from cheating. But I got it made for my wedding.”

What exactly is it? Colin explains: “It’s a ring that has an indent with letters within the inside of the ring saying ‘I’m married.’ So it means if you’re at a bar and attempt to talk to some nice lady, you take off your ring, and they’ll be able to see that you’re actually still married. Because they’ll be able to read it.”

But, Colin says “it only brands you for about 15 minutes, and then you can get on with whatever you want to do!”

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