Taylor Swift Fights Off Bugs For New Video

Taylor Swift and B.o.B. teamed up recently to film the music video for “Both of Us,” a collaboration between the two found on B.o.B.’s latest, Strange Clouds.  Filmed in Nashville, the song is a universal track that B.o.B. hopes everyone can relate to.

“It’s not a song, it’s a project. This is bigger than B.o.B. and Taylor Swift,” B.o.B. said. “This is about all walks of life, all classes of society, it’s about everybody really.”

Swift acts as guest vocalist throughout the song as B.o.B. takes on the rap features. Meanwhile, director Jake Nava explained his thought process on the video.

“My vision for the video is a collage of different aspects of humanity in the Southern states, particularly around Nashville,” he said.

The video was filmed in various locations around Nashville and the crew had one major annoyance not showcased in the video: bugs.

“We’re in the luxurious jungles of Nashville, crawling with wildlife trying to stay bug free and tick free,” B.o.B. joked in a behind-the-scenes video.

“There are bugs on people, there are bugs crawling on people, there are bugs trying to bite people,” Taylor said. “[At] one point I looked over and on B.o.B’s shoulder is this giant spider. It looked like a bird, it was that big! It was just hanging out there just ready to kill him. I saved his life by pointing it out.”

Despite the bug attack, the duo got the job done.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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