Chris Brown And Drake Offered $2 Mil For Celeb Boxing Match, Rihanna As Ring Girl

Chuck D suggested it first. And now a celebrity boxing promoter has offered R&B singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake $1 million each to take their alleged New York nightclub bottle battle to the ring.

Shortly after the bottles were thrown in a fight between the two recording stars, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D suggested that they get in the ring and duke it out.

“Somebody should tell Chris Brown-Drake cut that Bullsht,” Chuck tweeted, “leave bodyguards home get in the ring fight & raise some $ for some youth centers,wtf” (@MrChuckD)

Now celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman says he will donate $1 million from the proposed fight to a charity that supports abused women. He claims he has the financial backing of businessman Alki David for the proposed bout.

To add to the spectacle, Feldman is also asking platinum pop princess Rihanna to a be a ring girl in the match-up. He is proposing  three-minute rounds with both fighters wearing oversized gloves and protective head gear.

This would not be the first celebrity fight for the bombastic promoter. He has featured the likes of the late Rodney King, Jose Canseco, and Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael in various matches. Yet, it comes as no surprise that Feldman has yet to hear a response from either Brown or Drake.

As previously reported, a rep for the NYC police department confirmed to CBS Local that the bottle-throwing altercation occurred at around 4:00 am at 34 Vandam street (club W.i.P.). While police say they responded to a 9-1-1 call about a disorderly group, the unruly parties have been identified as Drake, Brown and their entourages.

Several people were injured and spoke out about the fracas. Also caught up in the melee was NBA basketball star Tony Parker, who is suing Club W.i.P. and its operators for $20 million after suffering a scratched cornea.

Keith Murphy, CBS Local



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