Confessions Of An Ice Cream Man, On This Sweltering Day!

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Paola Messana/AFP/Getty Images

Paola Messana/AFP/Getty Images

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Did you know there is an ice cream shortage? *Gasp* The unusually hot weather has led to a shortage on Good Humor trucks of some of your favorites like Toasted Almond and Chocolate Éclair. As long as they have plenty of Strawberry Shortcakes, I’m good.

But with this hot weather and everyone screaming for ice cream, we wanted to know what the ice cream man (or woman) really thinks of us. So we decided to get the big scoop…

First up on Confessions of an Ice Cream Man is Doug from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck which is really hopping this Pride Week in NYC. The truck offers some interesting cones like the Bea Arthur and the Salty P*mp as well as some interesting toppings like Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Wasabi Pea Dust or Pumpkin Butter…but don’t think it’s all fun and games inside the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!

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And Peter was an ice cream scooper in his younger days, but someone’s cleavage was his undoing…


While Michelle’s husband is a Mr. Softee ice cream man and the kids call to him in a very unique way…


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