The Bieber Fans Are Already Lined Up for His Today Show Appearance… Four Days Early!

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Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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Justin Bieber will make yet another appearance on the Today Show tomorrow, but the young girls (and some big ones, too) are already lined up to see him hoping to get the best spot at the free concert at the plaza on Rockefeller Center tomorrow morning.

As a matter of fact, the first group of girls in line have been there since six o’clock Tuesday morning… no tent… just sleeping bags and potato chips. Oh, to be young again and think nothing of camping out on 48th Street for four days existing on nothing but potato chips and Red Bull!!!

So we decided to go down and meet some of the early bird Bieber fans yesterday…

We expected to see a line of all girls between the ages of 9 and 19…but there were some big kids there, too. A pair of moms from Maryland brought their daughters to wait in line. And those moms actually waited in line together more than 30 years ago camping out for Journey tickets.

One thing that was missing? Not one boy among the whole crew…

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