Despite Engagement, Karmin Find Inspiration In Exes

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Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio / Fresh 102.7

Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio / Fresh 102.7

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Karmin recently visited with Fresh 102.7/New York and chatted about their songwriting process and the subjects behind some of their tracks.

Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan divulged that while the way a song takes shape is different every time the overall collective process is very similar.

“We start with the beat and the form and the melody and then we put lyrics to that. It kind of changes whenever we have inspired moments,” Nick explained. “We’re always walking down the street with our iPhones just typing in the voice memo thing.”

“You record voice memos on the road but it’s always gibberish,” Amy admitted.

While the duo write together a lot Amy said it took a while for them to realize what they had.

“It’s very unique. We were dating for four or five years before we started Karmin and I remember when we discovered that we had that synergy. It was wild,” she said.

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Being a couple and together in a band Nick said he never hides secret messages in his songs for Amy to figure out on her own.

“I’m not there yet, maybe album two,” he joked. “We always talk everything through. When you’re in a band with your significant other communication is the first thing that you have to figure out. If not, then things start getting weird.”

Amy agreed.

“We write about our ex-boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes,” Amy added.

“Or about our friends, exaggerated situations, stuff like that,” Nick said.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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