What Is Justin Bieber Doing With All His Money?

The mystery is solved by Forbes magazine in their current cover story on Justin Bieber. Everyone knows the Biebs likes to buy cars, including his own Batmobile, but that’s not exactly an investment that appreciates in value. For the real money-making potential, Forbes uncovered a few of the tech start-ups that Bieber is invested in.

His manager confirmed to the mag that he’s vested in quite a few private tech start ups. Most prominately, the Biebs has his hands in the music subscription service Spotify. Considering how many times his songs and videos get streamed, it’s a natural fit for the young singer. He’s also put his money in Sojo Studios(a combination of social and joyful), a game developer who tie their products to social and sustainable causes. The firm launched WeTopia last year, a Facebook game that lets players raise money for charities in the real world.

He is also invested in Tinychat, a video chat room site, and the currently free app Stamped, which lets you put your stamp of recommendation on music, places, and things you like.

Those are only four investments that Forbes was able to confirm — Bieber reportedly has dozens more.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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