Gentlemen… It’s Time for a Class On What Women REALLY Mean When We Say Things!

It always amazes me that men don’t pay attention to tone… only to the words women say… not to the TONE in which we say it.

My partner, Jim, said this morning that he and his wife had a bit of a difference of opinions about where to plant a new bush that he had just bought her for Mother’s Day. So, it’s HER Mother’s Day present and he wants to plant it in a different place than she wants it. So she ended the conversation with “fine, go ahead.” “Go ahead” in this situation means just the opposite. It does not mean (as Jim thought) that you are getting permission from your significant other. It actually is a dare.

And there are several other words that men need to be taught don’t actually mean what you think they mean…

We are very complicated creatures but if you listen to the tone….let that be your guide.

Or let this be your guide….I will give you a word and Lil’ Ern (the official morning show reader) will tell you the actual woman meaning…

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