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Jim & Kim’s Office Space: Who Did You Break Up with That Everyone Told You They Couldn’t Stand AFTER You Broke Up?

Why can’t you see it when you’re dating someone?

Why does it take years later looking back to say to yourself “that guy was a real jerk…what was I thinking?!” But it only takes your friends and family five minutes after you broke up to offer…”we never really liked him anyway!”

Aaaah… hindsight. It’s filled with “if only’s”. And I had one of those. A real piece of work. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to stay with a guy who treated me so badly. And just to remind me, he tied me up in court trying to take away my dogs (the dogs he couldn’t care less about but knew I loved more than anything in the world). Four years and $7000 later, he’s out of our lives for good and I learned a valuable lesson. And I took that lesson and all the ones since so that when I finally found “the one” I was ready for it!!

But my family has weighed in over and over about that horrific past mistake…what about yours?

That’s what Jim & Kim’s Office Space topic was this week… we talked to our co-workers and asked them…Who Did You Break Up with That Everyone Told You They Couldn’t Stand AFTER You Broke Up?

Listen HERE!


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