It’s Time for Jim’s College of Gettysburg Knowledge…

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Gettysburg National Military Park. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Gettysburg National Military Park. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Ok, I admit, I might have been giving my partner a really hard time this week about Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge, but she hasn’t lost in a really long time. I figure if I can really psych her out before we get a contestant to take her on, then I’m helping out our listeners. I might have been slightly little-brother-pest about it, but I didn’t think retaliation was necessarily in order.

Apparently she did.

I recently went on vacation with my wife to Gettysburg. My wife is a huge history buff, especially when it comes to Abraham Lincoln and she guilted me into taking her to Gettysburg for our vacation. I might not have been paying close attention to all the history facts while we were there. I was thinking of what a great golf course Gettysburg would make… all those rolling hills.

And it came back to bite me.

To punish me for giving her a hard time, Kim set up Jim’s College of Gettysburg Knowledge behind my back to test how much information I actually retained from my vacation…with a couple of surprise guests!

John Eichmann is a history teacher at St. Philips Academy in Newark and he is giving his 8th grade class a test on Gettysburg this week so he came up with five questions to test me. Pop quiz!! But, then I needed an opponent. And my wife was more than happy to volunteer.

So we made a bet… if I lose, I have to take her to Evita…

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