Miley Cyrus Is Rushed To Hospital After Kitchen Mishap, Gives Update To Fans

It might be best if Miley Cyrus stays out of the kitchen. Late Monday night she sliced her finger while cooking and was rushed to the hospital. Photographers were all over the incident, immediately following her there.

Perez Hilton told B96/Chicago this morning, “Miley Cyrus was in the hospital yesterday. She was rushed to the emergency room late Monday night after cutting herself badly enough with a kitchen knife to be hospitalized.”

Perez continued, “Thankfully though, a rep says that she had to get a few stitches, nothing too major. People were speculating why Miley was in the hospital, and thankfully it’s not too major.”

Once Miley left the hospital yesterday, she updated her fans via Twitter letting them know she was okay.

Apparently she fell victim to her blender, but it wasn’t anything too serious.

The injury follows a week of criticism for her significant weight loss due to her gluten-free diet.

-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago



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