New York City Teens Play Chicken With Oncoming Subway Train

In a classic instance of “boys will be boys,” several New York City teens decided it would be in their best interest to play a game of chicken with an oncoming subway train. Though there isn’t a study showing the number of wins and losses between the two, we can assure you this is a bad idea that luckily didn’t have a fatal outcome.

The video was posted on CHInfoVideo‘s YouTube page yesterday, but judging by the attire worn by the teens and gathering crowd, it most likely took place during one of New York City’s mild winter months.

As you can see by the video, several teens decide to play a game of chicken with an oncoming 3 Train. After jumping from platform to tracks several times, the boys finally smarten up and return to the platform. Or the screams from friends and fellow riders finally awoken some sense into them.

According to, out of every 1 million subway riders, three are injured each year. Three in a million doesn’t seem too high, but consider that in 2010, 1.604 billion rides were taken on city subways. After doing the math, those injuries certainly begin to add up.

Moral of the story: Don’t play chicken with trains and do your homework.

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