Kelly Ripa and Family Attend Bensonhurst Spelling Bee In Funny Or Die Video

Funny or die has delivered yet another laugh out loud parody. In this featured video, television host Kelly Ripa, her husband/actor Mark Consuelos and their son Michael make their debut in a hilarious shout out to all the Italians in Bensonhurst Brooklyn–all in good fun of course.

Stereotypical and over the top, Jersey Shore-esque students take turns spelling words straight out of an Italian dictionary…um cook book? What’s the difference? As the judges mispronounce and the students misspell, Mark Consuelos (who happens to be half Italian) progressively gets angry as each word is spoken, upset at the fact that they are indeed spelling everything wrong. Kelly insists that “this is how the Italians spell these words” while her husband debates speaking up about the misconceptions.


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