Performance Artist Alison Knowles To Make Giant Salad On the Highline

Performance artist Alison Knowles is currently preparing, and searching out the freshest veggies, to bring her “Make a Salad” piece to the Highline Park, this Earth Day, April 22nd.

Alison, who is in no way related to Beyonce Knowles, is no newbie to large scale salad making. She first hit the mixed green scene in Baltimore back in 1962, and has been tossing around her piece the world over ever since. Check out the video below of Alison performing “Make A Salad” at the Tate Modern in London back in 2008.

If you want to watch and even EAT the giant salad that Alison will be creating, be at the Highline on April 22nd between 10AM and 1PM.

You know… if it was just a regular salad, we wouldn’t even mention this…

But she has to have a BIIIIIG salad!

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