Jim & Kim’s Meet On The Street: Snooping At Your S.O.’s Email??

Today’s edition of Jim and Kim’s Meet On The Street is all about checking out your significant others email without them knowing! Statistics say women do it almost twice as much as men do it, so we took to the streets of NYC to find out who’s doing it and why!

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Ever looked at your S.O.’s email without them knowing? I can honestly say that I’ve never done it but I have sure been tempted. Hasn’t everyone?

A recent study said that women are almost twice as likely to check their husband’s emails without them knowing. I think that most people would do it if they were POSITIVE that they would never get caught doing it. Personally, my conscience would never let me do it.   I see it as a form of cheating and if I were that concerned about what was going on, I would just ask.

Some of the people we encountered on the street, however, were not as honest. Check out their responses!

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