Lindsay Lohan’s Self-Inflicted House Arrest

As long as Lindsay Lohan is locked up in the comfort of her own home, she, and everyone else in the world, is safe. That’s pretty much the reasoning behind Lindsay’s new self-mandated house arrest.

After being accused of hitting someone with her car in the parking lot of a Hollywood night club last week, Lindsay’s friends and confidants have begged her to stay home. Lohan’s probation ends later this month on March 26th, and any more close calls with her fender could get her sentence extended.

[photogallerylink id=66017]

Night clubs in the Hollywood area are going to lose a lot of business over the next couple of weeks, because the actress plans to only leave her house when absolutely necessary–like when she has to play with dead people at the L.A. County Morgue as part of her community service requirement.

Friends don’t let friends go screw up their probationary hearings. Lindsay, you’ve got some good friends.

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