Russell Brand Officially Arrested

It looks like Julianne Hough has the day off because her co-star is behind bars.

Russell Brand is in New Orleans shooting a film with the dancing beauty, and has found himself in a wee bit of trouble. On Monday he snatched the iPhone of a photographer that was following him, and hurled it through the window of a nearby law office.

As previously reported, a warrant was issued for Brand’s arrest yesterday.

The comedian took to Twitter to joke about the incident, writing “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

It looks like the cops don’t have much of a sense of humor, because Brand has officially been arrested (well, he turned himself in) for property damage. He may face charges, but most likely he’ll just have to pay damages and make the law office look pretty again.

Most importantly, I bet he has the most awesometastic mug shot ever!

Arrest Warrant Issued For Russell Brand

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