Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: What Would You Trade Your Significant Other If They Would Do All the Spring Cleaning?

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

The dreaded spring cleaning! GROAN!

Every year, my wife and I put together a very aggressive list of things we could clean in the house during the annual bite-off-more-than-we-can-chew-spring-cleaning.

Here’s a partial list of chores so far: the blinds need to be taken down and cleaned (some need to be dry cleaned), the rugs need to be shampooed, the yard needs to look more spring-like, the deck needs to be treated, the closets need to be switched from winter clothes to open-toed shoes (for my wife), kitchen cabinets need to be thinned out and cleaned and I need to golf. Ok, I added the last one. I hope my wife will just let it slide.

But if my wife would do all the spring cleaning and I could go golfing I would trade her something big…like wash her car every weekend for the entire summer (she doesn’t care about this, but I do)…so we decided to find out what you would trade…

So it’s Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street…What Would You Trade Your Significant Other If They Would Do All the Spring Cleaning?

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