A Girl, a Guy and a Goat Walk Into a Midtown Pizza Place…

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"Needs gaahlic!"Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“Needs gaahlic!”
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No, really! I know it sounds like the start of a joke but it actually happened at La Famiglia at 50th and Broadway in NYC!

They won’t even let me bring my dogs into the bodega, but any couple can bring their full grown goat into a pizza joint?! And wait until you see the picture…typical New Yorkers, they didn’t even look up as this goat had his front hooves on the table as he chowed down on slices…two of them, we hear…

(via @ReporterLeslie on Twitter)

This is the photo making the rounds on Twitter. She kind of looks like Bethanney Frankel, doesn’t she? It turns out the couple is from Brooklyn (or Jersey). And how do we know? Because we talked to Frank from La Famiglia Pizza and he told us all about the pizza eating goat…

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