Do You Have a Roommate Horror Story?

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"I dunno, maybe it's time to take out the trash?"

“I dunno, maybe it’s time to take out the trash?”

During Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge this morning, our runner-up was Suzanne and when we picked up to tell her that our first contestant was able to play the game, she gave us a great big sigh and said… “that’s just how my day is going.” Considering it was 7 o’clock in the morning, how much could have possibly gone wrong already?

Well, when you have the roommate from hell, apparently plenty…

I remember in college, my roommate was the messiest human being ever! Instead of taking out the garbage, she would simply grab another bag and set it next to the overflowing can until she filled that one up as well. And the dishes in the sink? They would sit until they could be used as an experiment in the 3rd grade science fair.

But that’s nothing compared to Suzanne’s roommate and how she used Craigslist to make her miserable…

Listen HERE!


And there were other roommate horror stories from there…


Do you have your own roommate horror stories. Dish ’em out in the comments section below!

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