Oreo Celebrates 100th Birthday; Brings Families Together

There is something to be said about a person, event, and even a cookie, that can unite a family and make their bond stronger than they once were.

We do that today as our good friend, the Oreo, celebrates its 100th Birthday.

Sound silly to you? Well it shouldn’t. If not for this delightful combination of cookie and cream, you’re family would probably despise one another and only make eye contact when they were forced to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Most families don’t even talk to each other. But with the Oreo, they can express their joy in sentence fragments, catch phrases, and names of former Presidents of the United States.

“Oh no! I never get to see my father because he works too much,” says every child on the planet. Not with Oreo in charge.

Fire up the webcam, kid-o.

Remember when Peyton and Eli Manning hated each other?

Not anymore, thanks to Oreo. They combined their forces to take on Venus and Serena Williams (They also had a strong distaste for one another).

Want to show mom and dad you love them? Forget a card, cleaning your room, or doing well in school.

You can’t spell LOVE without OREO.

OK, maybe you should study a little bit.

On behalf of everyone on this big blue marble we call Earth, I’d like to thank the Oreo for everything it has done over the last hundred years. Surely, without its help, humanity would not be where it is today.*

*Excluding poverty, unemployment, global warming, terrorism, and all that other bad stuff.

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