Jordan Knight Talks About Whitney Houston and Kirk Cameron

Jordan Knight has had a lot on his mind lately. He appeared on a talk show in Canada, in support of his solo tour, and weighed in on how he has avoided ending up like Whitney Houston in spite of his own struggles with alcohol.

When asked about what he thought happened to Houston, Knight said, “When you’re a celebrity people want a piece of you and that’s it. People just want to take a chunk out of you. Going back to it, Whitney Houston, she’s walking around for a week drinking and boozing and partying. Why didn’t somebody grab her and shake her? And take her away?”


’80s TV heartthrob Kirk Cameron has been taking heat all week for his recent comments condemning same sex marriage, which Knight also weighed in on via his Twitter account. Knight’s brother Jon Knight, also a former New Kids on the Block member, recently came out so the issue is understandably close to the heart of the Knight family. Jordan Tweeted:

-Courtney E. Smith CBS Local




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