Am I Ugly: Do You Know Who This Girl Is?

Oh yeah, I was not exactly the cutest child to walk the face of the earth. I went through a very awkward phase (that lasted around ten years!) but I eventually outgrew it and came into my own.

And I wanted to put my (embarrassing) photos out there to try and reassure other little girls that what you’re going through in middle school or high school isn’t what the rest of your life will be. It gets better… believe it!!!!

That’s why this new trend on YouTube is so disturbing. Teen and tween girls are posting videos of themselves asking people “Am I Ugly?”


And who better to answer that question than anonymous people who don’t care about their feelings?

Most of us have been there… you’re a teenager and you compare yourself to every beautiful girl in the movies wondering why you don’t look like that. And now they have put that vulnerability out into cyberspace for any mean-spirited person to vote on. Some of these videos are heartbreaking.

[photogallerylink id=74508]

And this morning we wanted to let those girls know that it does indeed get better… you do eventually grow into your teeth and lose the glasses the size of dinner plates.

Case in point, check out MY pics as a kid!


And this morning, it turns out there are many other women who had a rough time in middle and high school and have grown into incredibly successful and confident women…

Here’s Jenny…


Here’s Arlene…


Here’s Andrew…


Here’s Allie…


Here’s Alisa…


Here’s Mary…


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