Meet The Parents: Kim’s Daddy Weighs In!

Yesterday we spoke with my hunka hunka burnin’ love, Michael, about our double daddy dates over the weekend when we met each other’s parents. TODAY, I had the man himself, my dad, call in to give his account of the meeting of the minds!

Yesterday on the show, Michael spoke nothing but kind words about our meetings, even though he was tortured about marriage the entire time. He was just happy to be meeting someone so important to me, finally! But he also divulged some details about my clumsiness and… ummm… “submissiveness?!” Ugh!

We also took calls from listeners who had their own “Meeting the Parents” anecdotes.

Meet The Parents – Day 1

But I knew there HAD to be some sort of juicy details that we missed yesterday. So, I had my dear old dad call in to the show this morning to give us the low down on the (not so) down low!

I’m so glad we had him call in, because he completely embarrassed me in front of millions on NYC radio!


Tell me about YOUR meeting the parents nightmares stories. I love a good laugh! Comment below!




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