Top Five 2012 Super Bowl Commercials [Video]

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via YouTube

via YouTube

Super Bowl 2012 advertisers spent $3.5 million per spot to put their brands before audiences. The sponsors, including a large number of first-timers, trusted somewell-worn strategies: sex, cute animals, talking babies, celebrities and sex. Which was most memorable?

If you’re expecting to be shocked by all the Super Bowl ads, don’t hold your breath: There won’t be many surprises.

About 20 of the roughly 36 Super Bowl advertisers put their TV commercials online before Sunday’s broadcast. That’s a major shift: It’s up from last year when only a handful of companies released their ads before the game.

Let’s countdown the top five most buzzed about and best rated 2012 Super Bowl commercials

What seems to be everybody’s absolute favorite is Pepsi’s Elton John ad featuring The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro with special guest star Flava Flav. The ad nails all the important parts of a good ad – great costumes, great celebrity casting, a fun premise and good music. Check it out to see if you agree.

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