What Do You Have on Your Laptop that Could Prove Embarrassing For You?

Santa brought me a new laptop for Christmas!!

Ok, so I bought it for myself and wrapped it under the tree, but I was just as excited to get it. Finally I can retire the old laptop with the two hamsters running on a wheel that powers it. But the question is…

What do I do with the old one?!

I did what most people do… I put it in the linen closet under a bunch of sheets! I don’t want to just throw it out. I can’t remember the embarrassing stuff I might have on there! I thought about smashing it with a hammer, but what if I don’t get the hard drive?

So, we brought in an expert to tell me how to smash, err, dispose of it…


We got to thinking, what do you have on your laptop that might prove embarrassing? Grace has a boy band secret…


But Jessica’s secret was our favorite!!! She has an interesting spreadsheet…


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