Do You Wear Makeup to the Gym? Be Honest!!

I have a confession to make… I’m a little vain.

Not snobby or conceited… more so a little insecure, so I check my visage too often in too many shiny surfaces. It’s that vanity that makes it impossible for me to go to the gym without a tiny bit of makeup on…

It’s not like I get all dolled up or anything. I actually train in a hand-to-hand combat called Krav Maga with the Israeli Special Forces, so a ton of makeup would look ridiculous when I’m kicking butt.

But, Jim told me about a Glamour survey this morning that had 77% of women saying wearing makeup to the gym was wrong. I thought that was a little glass houses/throwing stones of them!


So, I called on the ladies to be honest about wearing makeup to the gym…and Alice had a good point about what type of gym most women wear makeup to…


What about you? Do you wear makeup to the gym? Leave a comment below!




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