Etiquette Question: What Do You Do When Someone Proudly Tells You They ‘Shot Your Dinner?!’

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Etiquette Question...

Etiquette Question…

I bet Miss Manners never got this question!!

But this sticky etiquette issue actually came up for me over the Christmas holidays. That’s what happens when you leave the confines of your West Village neighborhood filled with novelists and artsy people, and head down south to Texas for Christmas Eve dinner.

Down there, y’all, ‘shooting someone’s dinner’ is something to brag about…

My dad grew up in Ridgewood, Queens but moved to Dallas years ago. This year, for Christmas Eve, we went to his friend’s house for dinner… a very nice house, high class with the champagne flowing and a choice of meats… including venison that someone at the party contributed with his own hands and a firearm!


So I needed a little etiquette advice about what to do and Linda provided me with a little white lie to tell to get out of it…


Joe is a rough and tumble guy and had a suggestion about how I should enjoy that pre-shot venison…


And Dora is a member of my “picky eater club”…



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