Kids’ Christmas Wishes Are the Best!!

As much as I love Christmas as an adult, watching a child’s eyes light up when he sees Santa or their excitement when they unwrap a gift direct from the North Pole makes it even better. It really is a kid time of year. Watching my niece and nephew (who are 3 and 5) almost shaking with anticipation is my favorite part. So this morning we turned the show over to the kids…

We asked them to tell us what they wanted for Christmas and one nice thing they did this year and one naughty one. But first we called Jim’s niece, Molly, who is the star of our Molly’s Comedy Mix at Half Past Six to see what she wanted from Santa..


And Nolan called to tell us what made him a nice 5-year-old boy and why he deserved to see Santa…


And 9-year-old Bo wanted a zipline from Santa but he did a little something to land him on the naughty list…


What are some of your favorite Christmas wishes from your childhood? Did you want a pony, a Ferrari or a castle? Let us know in the comments section below!





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