What’s the WORST Christmas Gift You Ever Received?

For too many Christmases, I have either received a really bad gift or ruined one for my wife. Last year we were looking at the Kohl‘s circular a week before Christmas and my wife was looking at the watches (now, I LOVE watches and can’t get enough of them).

So as I passed by I said over her shoulder “Those two watches are great. That one is ugly!”

I knew as soon as I saw the crestfallen look on her face, that the ugly one was the small box wrapped under the tree.

Then there was the year I unwrapped a Chris Botti CD. You may be asking yourself “who is Chris Botti?” because that’s what I was asking myself too! I know he once dated Katie Couric… that’s about it.

“Ummmm… thanks?”


So we decided to hit the streets of midtown and ask passersby…What is the worst Christmas gift you ever received?

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What’s the WORST gift you’ve ever received? A pair of these bad boys, maybe?

worst christmas gift handerpants Whats the WORST Christmas Gift You Ever Received?

Let us know your favorite awful present of all time in the comments section below!


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