What Is Your Sarcastic Christmas Wish?

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"Oh good, another sweater!"

“Oh good, another sweater!”

I absolutely love Christmas. It’s the time of year that always gives me a gushy feeling inside. I love the smell of the trees on the sidewalk, the roasting chestnuts and hot chocolate at a cafe. But there are days where your Christmas cheer just flees… and today was one of those days.

So this morning we all gave our Sarcastic Christmas Wishes…

Jim had a wish about his wife and Christmas morning. Mine had to do with men in their 20s and Eamon had a “Christmas Miracle” outside his window this morning (please note the sarcasm)


And I wasn’t the only one with a sarcastic Christmas wish about men… married men came into play this morning as did aunts who give you gifts with a diabolical purpose in their mind!


Tell us! What’s YOUR sarcastic Christmas wish this year?


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