Diddy’s Got a New Girl

…and her name is Cameron Diaz.

You’ve heard of her, right?

Rumors have been circulating about these two coupling up for the last month, and they’re not doing much to squelch those rumors.

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According to PEOPLE Magazine the two were spotted earlier this week at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at the Dream Downtown Hotel. Cameron was out and about with friends, when Diddy showed up to the party, ordered drinks for everyone, and cozied up to Ms. Cameron.

A source told PEOPLE that “Cameron and Diddy were very affectionate.” That’s code for playing tonsil hockey.

Don’t expect any confirmations from their people, Diaz’s rep remains adamant “They are friends and are not dating.”

Yup, they’re friends who kiss.

Diddy Tweeted this out a few days after his alleged “friend kiss” with Diaz:


Looks like Cameron found herself a rebound upgrade. Eat your heart out A-Rod.


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