Where Do the Celebrities Shop for Their Christmas Trees?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a thing for celebrities.

If I see them on the street, I will walk right up to them…I once chased Kevin Kline out of a parking garage with my effusive greeting and Bill Murray looked stricken when I said “Bill, how are you?” a little (lot) too loudly on 52nd street.

And I got to thinking the other day…where do NYC celebrities shop for their Christmas trees?

Click ahead to find out!

So Kim and I stopped by several of the Christmas tree stands on the sidewalks in the West Village and in Soho and found out what celebrities they have seen so far this year.

A few A-List actors and one huge pop singer that has only one name on her check…

And while we were there, we picked up some tips on how to pick out a tree…


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