Lionel the Turtle Has Escaped!! Do You Have Suggestions on How to Return Him to Inwood?

We have another missing animal in NYC!

First it was the Bronx Zoo Cobra, then Central Park was missing a Peacock and now the Inwood Hill Park Nature Center is short one box turtle… and like all the rest, he’s tweeting! Lionel the Turtle made a daring escape from his habitat last week and the red-eyed reptile hasn’t been seen since.

We wanted to help, so we made a phone call to John at Petco to find out how we could lend a hand finding Lionel.

But nothing is ever that simple when we are in the mix… somehow finding Lionel turned into a discussion on where he keeps his MetroCard, where to look for him (think below the knees) and what happens when a hard-shelled, land reptile, Snooki and a bottle of Turtle Wax get together…


If you spot Lionel roaming (slowly) through the streets of NYC please call the nature center at 212-304-2365.




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