15 Things You Never Knew About Dylan

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You listen to Dylan every afternoon, but what do you really know about him?

What’s he doing when he’s not on the radio? What’s his favorite drink? Why is he standing there with Justin Bieber?

Check out 15 things you never knew about Fresh 102.7’s Dylan right here!

1 – I was recently in Atlantic City for a friend’s surprise birthday bash. After a good run at the roulette tables (and a few drinks) I started making insane Charlie Sheen faces like this one and announcing “WINNING” every few minutes. Good times.

best man speech 15 Things You Never Knew About Dylan

2 – Public speaking is scary. Very different from standing in a room alone and talking to you on the radio. Luckily I was prepared, and this best man speech killed.

bieber 15 Things You Never Knew About Dylan

3 – I know you’d love to think this actually happened. It was a friend’s party. Everyone had to pop their collar and snap a silly photo.

hiking 15 Things You Never Knew About Dylan

4 – I should hike more, I really enjoy it. This is Breakneck Ridge.

bourbon 15 Things You Never Knew About Dylan

5 – I did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky last year, it made for a fun vacation. That’s 2 ounces of heaven in a glass right there.

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