Have You Ever Heard of a Suits and Boots Wedding?

I’ve been to many weddings… always the bridesmaid and never the bride… and planned one of my own that didn’t quite make it to the altar, but I have never been to a “suits and boots” wedding!

Have you ever heard of that?

I guess it’s just not a New York City thing. But Thanksgiving weekend I have been invited to a “Suits and Boots” wedding in Dallas and I have absolutely no idea what that means or what to wear. I’m a city girl and am completely lost when it comes to cowboy boots..and, frankly, am a bit appalled that someone would pair them with a suit!

So we got together two experts to guide me…

Our experts were Maxwell from Western Spirit here in NYC and Marlon from Pink’s Western Wear in Dallas, Texas…and we wanted to see what advice they would each give about what I should wear.


And Emily called to tell us about the Suits and Boots wedding she attended…


Have YOU ever been to one of these shindigs? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!


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