Jim Bought a New TV… Everyone Point and Laugh!

The Black Friday sales this year should be spectacular!

One group of items that will see a particularly drastic drop in prices will be electronics. I hope you’re as excited as I am, since I just bought a new TV last week!

Obvoiusly, this caused a bit of controversy in the Douglas house…

Back in September, for our 25th wedding anniversary, Cupcake gave me the money she saved for a big screen TV as a gift. And I waited until last week to purchase the TV, paying much more than I would have, had I waited for the holiday sales…

Look, I just couldn’t wait, OK?!

Kim called me out on the air about it this morning, then called Cupcake at home and got her in on it too!

Listen now!


How has my life gotten to this point, people? Seriously…


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