Breaking News: Jim’s Dance Moves Embarrass His Wife, Cupcake. Film At Eleven!

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"Here comes the 'Making the Pizza,' Cupcake!"

“Here comes the ‘Making the Pizza,’ Cupcake!”

Over the weekend, my wife and I attended a Bat Mitzvah and the subsequent celebration of the event at a restaurant in New Jersey. “Cupcake” (My wife, Catherine) says I do a certain something at such celebrations that embarrasses her… it’s my dancing!

This was a total surprise to me! I thought my dance moves were really great.

Apparently, I like to make up dance moves as I go along…

Like the “chopping the salad” dance, “spinning the pizza” dance, even my famous “rowing the boat” dance. Kim called Cupcake today to have her explain exactly what happened.


This also got the phones going with listeners calling with embarrassing things their significant others do!


What does YOUR significant other do to embarrass you?!! Let us know in the comments section below!


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