It’s Jail Day For Lindsay Lohan

Today is the day of reckoning for Lindsay Lohan… again.

Our favorite can’t-remember-why-she’s-famous-anymore delinquent starlet is heading back to court today to face the consequences of her poor probationary behavior with Judge Stephanie Sautner.

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It’s rumored that Judge Sautner is most definitely looking toward jail time for LiLo this time, and is going to hand down a verdict that she spend 30 days in jail. Of course in celebrity jail time that really means a few days, maybe a week, tops.

129732769 Its Jail Day For Lindsay Lohan

LA County Sheriff's Dept via Getty Images

Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig told that Lohan is ready to receive her wrist slapping, and that she will “face it with spirit, courage and strength.”

Honig continued to toot Lohan’s horn, saying “Lindsay is an extremely strong individual, and is going to do whatever she has to do in order to move on with her life. She is a gifted artist, a compassionate individual and a loyal person who is true to herself. Whatever happens today, she will face it with spirit, courage and strength.”

“Strong,” “compassionate,” and “gifted”; yeah, not the words I think of when I think of Lindsay Lohan. But, she does look good in that spiffy prison orange.

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