Move Over Gaga, Justin Bieber Needs Room For Another Billion!

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Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Squeeeeaaal! Your daughter’s favorite fella, Justin Bieber, is officially the most popular artist on YouTube. Yes, more popular than Nyan Cat, those British girls singing “Super Bass” and Antoine Dodson all put together!

It’s where he made his start, and now where he’s breaking records like they were pre-teen hearts.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Justin Bieber has hit 2 BILLION views on YouTube!

Sure Lady Gaga beat him to the 1 BILLION mark a year ago, but Mother Monster better move over.

Even though about 345,000,000 of those hits are from your teenage daughter and her squealing friends (and about 100,000 are from me – swoooon!) – but 2 BILLION hits on anything is surely cause for celebration! Right, Snoop?

Anyway, over the weekend, Justin’s VEVO channel on YouTube hit the two billion mark and since then has racked up another five million views (give or take a mil).

The last time someone was this popular on the internet… we got this:

So you know… we all win?

DID YOU KNOW: Justin Bieber gets around 100 Million NEW views PER MONTH! Chew on THAT!

SO who are some of the most popular artists UNDER Bieber? Click ahead to find out!

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