Who Spent More on Costumes This Halloween? Doggy Moms and Dads or Those with Two-Legged Kids?

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Just how much did you spend on Halloween costumes this year?

I was in PetSmart the other day and a woman spent over $100 on a costume for her little Yorkie. I was shocked (as I spent $200 on my Black Labs but that’s beside the point) because I don’t buy costumes for my dogs… they are big dogs… the only thing they ever wear are Yankees bandanas. They don’t keep things on their heads and will work as a team to make sure they get any hats, boots or capes of any sort off the other one, so I gave up.

So, we went on a mission this morning to find out who spent more on Halloween costumes this year: doggy parents or the mommy’s and daddy’s of humans…

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First we called up Producer Craig’s sister to find out how much she spent on his 3-year old niece’s Ladybug costume…while another parent racked up quite a bill on a flapper, a rocker dude and Freddy Krueger..


Next up was doggy mommy, Sharon, whose dog dressed as a fireman…and the winner of the morning for most expensive costume went to Crystal and her kids who dressed as Naruto and Tashimi…yeah, I didn’t know who that was either!!


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