Have You Ever Seen a Ghost? EPIC May Be Able To Help!

Did you know we have our very own Ghostbusters here in NYC?!

EPIC Paranormal on Staten Island investigates hauntings all throughout the Tri-State area… including a bar in Grand Central Station. And this morning we started sharing our very own ghost stories!

I have a friend that always seems to draw energy and ghostly happenings to her. We were sitting on the floor in her apartment one night watching TV when something really creepy happened to a wine glass… something that has stuck with me all these years.

The wine glass jumped up on its own and broke… but it sheared off in a perfect circle just around the rim of the glass – just the very top about an inch deep and the rest of the glass was intact. Really strange!!

And Arthur from EPIC Paranormal told us what we should say to a ghost should we ever encounter one…


When we brought up ghost stories, other people started to call in to share their experiences…like Dan who saw a ghost when he was 12 that made him and his 19-year old brother cry…


Erica’s friend had a ghost haunting her house – but the ghost followed them when they moved…


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  • Andrew.

    The investigators at EPIC Paranormal came to my home back in June of this year, and I was so glad that I called them and not just any pick of the litter ghost group. I live in Queens, NY and they were the most courteous, Professional and knowledgeable individuals whom I’ve ever seen. I had very bad activity in my home which was affecting my 3 year old daughter and wife, they investigated, found proof and after, brought over a Roman Catholic priest. I thank them for everything they’ve done and how much they’ve helped put this family. I’m a lawyer, and a professional in good standing in my community, and what I’ve experienced will be with me to my dying day. Thank you Lord for being there and Thank you EPIC!

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