Tow Truck Driver Confessions: Some Mistakes Are Tougher To Fix

The saga of my Ford Explorer continues…

Yesterday they came to hook it up and drag it out of the Soho garage where it has been huddled in obscurity since breaking down in July. It’s headed out to my mechanic in Port Washington to get all fixed up for winter… and a bath (it was covered in enough dust that a can of Pledge would cough).

Well Al, the Tow Truck Driver (of course his name is Al… aren’t all drivers named Al?), shared with me the story of the time he accidentally towed the wrong car out of the parking lot…

Hey, we all make mistakes at work… have you heard OUR show?! But some mistakes are tougher to fix – like towing the wrong car out of a parking lot!

Well, it LOOKED like the right Toyota Camry…


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