Twitter War: Adam Levine Vs. Fox News

Earlier this week, Adam Levine tweeted at Fox News, asking them to not use his band, Maroon 5‘s, music.

Well, both Fox News hosts Greg Gutfield and Andy Levy have responded to Levine‘s tweet. The hosts chose to take jabs at Maroon 5’s tunes, calling them “crappy” and saying it’s “not music.”

Here’s how it all began:


Fox’s Andy Levy shot back first:


Then Greg Gutfield joined in:


And then things got a little silly. Adam Levine, at this point, has stayed out of the feud after posting his initial fire-starter. Both Fox “anchors” began to crack off cheap, playground insults towards the singer.

But, here’s the thing for all those brainiacs over at Fox News: Maroon 5 asks you to stop playing their music.

You say their music is crappy. So… you play, by your own definition, crappy music? Way to dodge that bullet, guys. Like I said, brainiacs.

Click ahead for the rest of the Tweets!

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