Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Johnny Depp, Tori Spelling and Harry Potter!

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Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

She is our dean of pop culture for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge. Kim’s record is 87-1!  Let’s go for  another loss!

The rules are simple: We’ll give you FIVE questions.  We’ll  give Kim the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right  than Kim, you win $102. Otherwise, Kim wins!

Here are today’s questions:

  1. This Pulp Fiction star is currently on Broadway in a play called The Mountaintop, opposite Angela Bassett.  Name him.
  2. In the Harry Potter films, name the “House” Harry, Hermione and Ron belonged to?
  3. Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger project is on again, it’s set to start filming on February 6th. Name the character he played in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?
  4. Tori Spelling has recorded anti-gay-bullying public service announcements for GLAAD. Her famous father developed such shows as Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, 90210 and The Love Boat. Name her famous father?
  5. This actress recently had her email hacked and naughty pictures taken from it.


Want to go up against Kim for your shot to win $102? Give us a call at 800-949-1027 every morning right around 7:10 or fill out the form below and we’ll call you!

Kim’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge – Bursar’s Office >

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section below, and tune in for your chance to play!


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