Do You Have A Friend That Embarrasses You?

Over the weekend, I attended a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my friend, Lizzy, then the two of us brunched in the Met’s Trustees Dining Room – because she was the one hosting the lecture. Lizzy is my really cool friend… the one that I can’t wait to brag about to people… she is an archeologist who teaches at Princeton and lectures at the Met. Somehow I feel the glow of her achievement and I am proud to be her friend.

But that can go both ways… do you have a friend that perhaps you’re not so thrilled to brag about?

You know… that friend that you’ve known forever and probably adore but you find yourself sort of apologizing for them before you introduce them to new people? Well, you’re not the only one!!


So, tell me about that embarrassing friend in your life in the comments section below!!


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