Jim & Kim: Time To Take Off the Training Wheels, Kid!

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Kick off them training wheels, kid!

Kick off them training wheels, kid!

This morning we talked about teaching your kids to ride a two wheeler. We came across this video of a kid who was asked by his dad, what words of wisdom he would tell other kids trying to learn how to ride a bike.

His reaction is hilarious…

“Thumbs up everybody… for ROCK & ROLL!!”


I also talked about when I taught my son how to ride a bike. My wife was so excited when I let go of him, she actually leaped in the air. My sons face was one of fear and excitement at the same time.


As a parent, it’s a priceless moment.

Let us know about YOUR kid’s first time on a bike. We’d love to know some of your (or their) words of wisdom!


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