For Your Enjoyment: Top 10 Television Shows For The Fall Season

Wrapping your head around the plethora of new television options this fall can be pretty overwhelming. Most of the shows are going to be four-episode wonders; in-and-out of your life as fast as a fair-weather friend.

Don’t worry. Your best friend that lives in your living room will be lit up with a diverse array of  fantastic fall programming. We’ve compiled a cheat sheet of the Top 10 Television Shows For The Fall Season for your ease.

10. 2 Broke Girls 

Starring Kat Dennings and Beth Berhs as two diametrically-opposite down-on-their-luck waitresses, 2 Broke Girls is a new comedy sitcom from CBS. Dennings is the sexy, sarcastic, modern version of the Janeane Garfalo-type character and her comedic timing is great.

If the writers get their pop culture facts right, this show has great potential and it’s a great female foil to male-centric shows of the same vein like Two And A Half Men.

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